Monday 14 March 2016

The British Geological Survey in 2016

BGS is continually refreshing itself, ensuring that it is relevant and provides up to date geological science solutions for the UK and globally.

I have used this presentation at various events to outline the British Geological Survey (BGS), what it does and who it works with. The presentation also includes information on our discussions with government and the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), on the best place to house BGS in the future to give us the flexibility to provide impact that will help the UK economy.

On numerous recent occasions with stakeholders, we have concluded that BGS should move from NERC ownership to a Government owned public corporation. BGS has welcomed visits from international geoscience agencies and surveys, many of whom view BGS as a model geological survey. We have had discussions with universities who are interested in partnerships and especially combining our applied science and theirs in creating joint research initiatives that will yield impact. BGS has worked hard on developing links with other research centres and government departments.

Please browse through the slides ... not only do they show how BGS geological mapping science has changed over time, who we partner with, how we deliver world-class infrastructure but they underline the importance of a dynamic workforce. 

John Ludden

March 2016

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