Tuesday 19 March 2013

Being recognised, a blog from Russia

I was in Russia this week in order to accept my nomination into the Russian Academy of Sciences (you can translate this website to English using the translate tab at the top of the page) . It is very nice to be recognised for my contributions to science and it makes one think about how well we in BGS recognise the contributions of our staff. Simple things like medals and certificates, like the ones I received in Russia mean a lot, even if they may seem unnecessary. 

Me at the entrance to the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences

In BGS we recognise our staff when they leave with their valedictory letters; we also acknowledge 25 years service with a small gift. Of course we have a bonus system, which does not provide enough, but it is a financial remuneration. However, I believe we should be celebrating our success more in recognising staff in winning grants, writing up their results and also those underpinning the science in administration, laboratories and services.

The soon to be launched internal communication portal is a good first step. If you have any feedback and ideas, please feel free to provide feedback to me or to the communications team at BGSCorporateComms@bgs.ac.uk

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