Monday 28 April 2014

BGS - A centre of excellence for geosciences

The BGS and many other geological surveys are in the process of "upping their game" as scientific research institutes. BGS intends to be the "preeminent research active geological survey" and announced this as part of a study in developing its business planning going forwards. We anticipate that public based funding in the UK and elsewhere, is probably becoming tighter and we will need to diversify our science funding base.   The key will be to maintain excellence in a competitive research market and minimise drift towards science consultancy. 

Paramount in doing this is to have excellent scientists and to be a good place to work. Three news stories from the BGS underline this:

Dr Andy Chadwick a world renowned expert in Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) was recognised by the NERC individual merit promotion panel.   These posts are highly competitive and Andy will develop a far reaching programme in modelling CCS and storage volumes in the UK and globally which will help underpin a zero carbon emissions future for fossil fuels.

Dr Mathew Hall who works at the University of Nottingham and BGS and directs our joint centre for CCS, the Nottingham Centre for Carbon Capture and Storage, was awarded a Royal Academy of Engineering Senior Research Fellowship.   This award will allow him, to devote himself to researching several of our priority areas, such as CCS, shale gas, gas hydrates and energy storage.

BGS was one of the six UK publicly funded research institutes that received an award from the Athena SWAN programme which acknowledges our efforts for promoting good employment practices for women in science. Well done to all involved.

With these sorts of achievements BGS will continue to understand and predict geological processes that science that matters to people's lives and livelihoods.

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